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ballin´ n shit yo

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wsop bracelet
  SPEWTARD, Feb 24 2023

yes, i got one online last year.

always nice to comeback here and remember the start, hope all of you are doing well <3

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sorry i need to brag
  SPEWTARD, May 02 2017

im kinda sad this forum is almost dead but also cant forget that this is where my career began so long ago, started since nl2 posting here and receivin advice from high stakes ballers, made a lot of friends (my nickname was bongky by that time)

also here i met my currently friend/boss/coach/backer which took me almost from scratch to play donkaments.

no more words. ty lp

never give up.

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LAPT action
  SPEWTARD, Jul 03 2015

hey guys, im sellin 50% action to the LAPT ME that is gonna be here in lima on july 17th.

the buyin is 2.5k and im sellin at 1.1 i have 27% left

last year i finished 29th, 1st prize should be around 230k

2.5% 68,75
5% 137,5
10% 275

transfers to SPEWTARD (Peru) nyan cat picture in stars or pm for neteller/skrill


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