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ballin´ n shit yo

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sorry i need to brag
  SPEWTARD, May 02 2017

im kinda sad this forum is almost dead but also cant forget that this is where my career began so long ago, started since nl2 posting here and receivin advice from high stakes ballers, made a lot of friends (my nickname was bongky by that time)

also here i met my currently friend/boss/coach/backer which took me almost from scratch to play donkaments.

no more words. ty lp

never give up.

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LAPT action
  SPEWTARD, Jul 03 2015

hey guys, im sellin 50% action to the LAPT ME that is gonna be here in lima on july 17th.

the buyin is 2.5k and im sellin at 1.1 i have 27% left

last year i finished 29th, 1st prize should be around 230k

2.5% 68,75
5% 137,5
10% 275

transfers to SPEWTARD (Peru) nyan cat picture in stars or pm for neteller/skrill


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Weight loss challenge
  SPEWTARD, Dec 01 2014

Sup nits,

Basically since i started workin/havin some money and moved alone (like 10 years ago) i had to take care of my food and stuff and sadly i started to eat a bit (a lot) unhealthy and started to gain weight. I ve managed to lose some but always got back to fast food and not exercisin, etc.

So, i was doin "ok" until i started playin full time mtts again, gained like 13kg in 4 months which is insane and terrible and all my fault obv. I wont be tryin to drop kgs like super fast, im just gonna try to fix my bad habits.

Anyway im at 100kg atm, my height is only 1.72m so i have a loooot of overweight, so, time to stop bein a moron.

I signed up to the gym last month but i never started it seriously so its on hold right now.

The masterplan:

*have a healthy breakfast everyday (no more coca cola+cigarrete lol)
*remove coke and other sodas completely (replace with 2lts of water per day at least)
*exercise at least 3-4 days per week
*ban fast food completely
*reduce carbs as much as possible.
*eventually stop smokin
*stop killing myself with bad food.

So it doesnt look that hard but in a grown man its very hard to change habits like insta. Thats the challenge.

I ve made this spreadsheet to keep track of my goals, feel free to visit it and berate me if i fail to accomplish my goals.

Im not sure in how many months i could get into my ideal weight and im not gonna rush it, but if i read this in like 6 months and im wearin some of the NEW clothes i someday bought and could never use, id be more than satisfied.

If someone wants to jump in and bet against me with some realistic terms for the bet i might take it for motivation purposes, so feel free to msg me, also tips and how to eat right ideas are welcome.

Oh right, this is a poker forum, poker is ok now, im playin full schedule mtts startin from big 5 or 75 and endin at nightly 162, had some results, but still waitin for that big score.

love/hate relationship with mtts

gl all!


before (guy on the right)

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